new story

Children grew up not like the others. Children who grew up in a why. Children who do not put your head down. Children who looked at life in the eyes. Children who are harmed. Children who have struggled and are struggling not to lose their soul. Guys like me. Children not conventional. Wild children ...
Nikos, Petros, Christos, Yiannis (Spike) and Electra is a wonderful company 23 years old students who have a common characteristic of the skateboard and untamed nature. At 23 Petros discovers that he was adopted. A permanent overactive Nikos strikes on a figure, but still sees the funny side of life. The psychological approach of brain Spike, the other to make the casting odd glances, although often it goes. The company completed from Christos, the ultimate computer wizard, found in 22 of the riveted to the cart and Electra first cousin of Christos which attempts to defeat the personal demons after the death of her father abandonment by her mother and authoritarianism the brotherhood of emotions as it was for Peter but did not admit nor to itself. The company turns the city will encounter strange people with strange stories and comic, will live love ... Always with its own way. To each child with his own cross. Family problems, economics, drugs and a disability in the background. Dozens of smaller characters mixed with the common progress of the Company. A single mother who is waiting in a colored boy, a girl seeking help from the chats on how to commit suicide, a promising young footballer who is injured and going outside to drugs falls, while a girl who has a thousand friends in facebook, we do not know none really. And in the middle of the story added *illegitimate* daughter of Electra whose father’s identity is unknown. Wild children know the rules as tough they are. And is there to fight alongside us. The «Wild Child» is good brats. That their limits can do and overcome. And be good ... These children may fall in love. Besides the man is the same. And from Homer and everything. Love exceed culture. And it is always the same. For all.