A summary from my story

The Mountbatten-McKay family is a family in my story with royal blood (English and Swedish) they are a family who the one look after the other. The family’s favourite kid is Clementine because she is both the last born child and the only daughter (she is the first girl in the McKay family since 1857 when a little girl Clementine (from which Clémentine took her first name) died a few months old). Because Clementine was always a weakly child her family was always after her protecting her and give her anything she wants. She was in the best school had the best thing and she was always a rebel…She escaped from her house, she gets drunk she even does some drugs…But when in age 20 her father told her that she had disappointed him she made a 180° turn and she became modern for every daughter…She finished her Psychology college in Oxford top of her class, she tacked her PhD in Clinical psychology, she opened her own private practise and in 5 years she was one of the top Psychologist-Psychotherapists in London married with the successful psychiatrist Michael T. Glass. But their marriage was unhappy. He was dedicated to his work and she was too unhappy. But their marriage became worst when Michael said he didn’t want any kids and Clementine tried to tell him that she was 2 months pregnant. Then she had an abortion and she continued her boring life with Michael. But these all changed when in her office came a young (well not so young he was 34 years old) agent of SIS James Kelso. Then she immediately felt something different about him. He was medium height in great shape with blonde hair and the more luminous blue eyes she had ever seen. From their sessions she learns that he was orphan, his parents (Bernard and Alice) had died in a crash accident and he was raised by his maternal uncle Johan Antonius Anders Leijonhufvud in Sweden .She also learned than his uncle make sure he is going to be in a good college and that his school friends in Oxford never leave him forget that he was studding by the grace of his uncles charity. What else she learn (which make her many troubles in the future) was that he could *read* peoples. Something else that Clementine come across in the first session is that he was a cold-heart bastard…her opinion would change almost immediately since almost 2 months after he came to her office he saw that she had a inkiness over her lip…a situation that continued for almost 2 months when he saw her with a cracked hand and he decided to take action for this situation. Then he went to Michael’s office and told him that (word-for-word) “If you hurt her again I am going to beat you so hard that you will micturate your marrow for a year”. Then Michael beat Clementine so hard that he left her unconsciousness. When the next week in their session James looked like that he gave her, his word that he will kill him then Clementine makes him to gives her his promise that he will not do anything. And then it starts their story… She filled for divorce and she melted James’ cold heart… Then after almost 8 months she gets pregnant with James. An event that makes them both happy since as he told “Now I will have something mine.” A happiness that didn’t make Clementine’s mother happy. At St. Martin’s date when Clementine was 4 months pregnant she went to her house in Scotland to introduce James to her parent. This wasn’t a really good idea because when Clementine’s mother saw James she became mad and she became really insulted at him. What if everyone in the family liked him? Clem’s father her brothers her sisters in law even the kids liked him…But her mother didn’t liked him. Something that it was the result of James occupation. He worked for Clem’s mother; she was the head of SIS. The only time that he raised his voice was when he saw that Clem was afraid of her mother. Then they both left from the house and they went back to London. After that mother and daughter haven’t speak to each others for 2 months then James saw Clementine weep at the living room and he asked her what happed. Then she sob and told him that the peoples in her Lamaze class made fun of her because there wasn’t a man next to her and she eventually told him that the real reason she was like that it was that she misses her mother. Next morning James went to her mother’s office and almost bugs her to talk to her. After that he went to Clementine’s Lamaze class where he saw that peoples were laughing behind the back, but when he entered the room every eyes were on him…The evening when they went to home they found Clem’s mother waiting for them…so James and Margaret (Clem’s mother) made a silent pax between them for Clementine and for the baby…Eventually in December 25 Clementine gave birth to a healthy baby girl. A girl who named Margaret Alice Wilhelmina Dagmar Kelso McKay-Mountbatten and she was like her father’s clone. The Oedipus complex between the father and the daughter was created by the first time he saw her. He worshiped her…but she adored him. When she was a few days old she never slept or eats if her father wasn’t there…And when she became ill at the age of 7 months old he was besides her bed all the time he left the bed only for taking a shower or go to bathroom. Margaux’s (that’s how her father called her) first word was “daddy”. She called him “daddy” or “king” for him he was “Margaux” or “princess”

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